- About us, a website dedicated to articles

The foundations of the website were laid at the end of December 2019, and then at the beginning of March 2020 it was put online and the first articles appeared.

After about 9 months since it was launched and over 500 articles published, a complete redesign process has been started to further facilitate the experience that users have with our website.

The website in its first 9 months of existence contained articles that leaned towards the field of technology, but, following the major update, many areas are available that both users and content creators can address.


Articles are divided into categories, these categories are set for each post by an administrator when he decides whether the post will be approved or not. Each article can be part of several categories, thus reaching the information to all interested users.


Ads are the method by which we monetize the website, so we can maintain the active and functional platform. The ads are displayed mostly through Google Adsense, but it is not excluded that there are ads paid directly to the owner of the platform.


The administrators are the people who deal with the approval of the posts, their classification in different fields, but also their editing. In addition to approving posts, they may have various tasks, such as responding to support tickets or maintaining decent language in post comments. Team

Ionut Dragan

Eliza Drăgan