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Why do we need ads?

The ads are displayed on the website because they represent a source of income for us, with their help we can maintain our platform and constantly contribute to the quality of the platform and the information on it.


What types of ads do we have on the website?

On our website you can find two types of ads, those added through Google Adsense and personalized ones for which the administrator is contacted directly, he will take care of their integration.


Customize ads according to users

Here are two possible situations, the first in which the ads from Google are displayed, the latter dealing with the user's interests and displaying the ads present according to these interests, and the second situation in which the personalized ads are displayed, they can not establish exactly the target user, on we do not collect and we do not have data with which to establish his interests.


What data do we collect from users in order to use them for advertising? does not directly collect data about our users, their actions are strict to display information to other users or to themselves. Although we have some statistics based on the general things that happen on the platform, location statistics, for example, we get with Google Analytics, with which we get other information, potentially useful for those who want to buy a place for their ad on the website. our.


Can ads be blocked?

Yes, ads can be blocked with tools, but this decision will no longer help the platform. We try not to clutter the ad platform and integrate them in a way that is not annoying to the user, lost in context, but still relevant, sometimes the ads can be interesting and useful for users.


How do I place an ad?

To request the publication of an advertisement on our website you can contact us at,, on one of the social networks we are present, by filling in the contact form on the contact page, but and by opening a ticket with the "other" option. We will respond as soon as possible and we will establish together the tariffs and the places where we want to place the advertisements.


The ad seems inappropriate to me

If an ad seems inappropriate to you, you have two options, the first in which the ad is published by Google on our site, in which case you can block that type of ad in a corner of the ad and report it, and the second, in which the announcement is published by directly, in which case please contact us at, on the contact page or through a reporting ticket.


Subscription to hide ads

Any user who wants to stop viewing the ads offered by has the option to subscribe to this. To do this you have to go to settings -> subscriptions and there you will find some details about the "no-ads" subscription. It costs 1 eur. for a period of one month, when the subscription is confirmed, a ticket will automatically open through which an administrator will take over the payment and apply the subscription.


The last update of this field took place on 09.03.2021, we reserve the right to revise and/or modify this information at any time.